Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrities are just like us. I hope that we can learn from their stories.

Hello, my name is "Pat," Paticia D. McClendon and I start Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work web site back in 1995 to share some of the articles written by me in graduate school. I includes articles written by others that were out on the Interenet, as well as a lot of links to other mental health related web pages and sites. Since moving to Florida in 2004, I've been too busy to do much updating of the web site, but my goal this year is to get it completely updated.
I decide to start my blog today because of these three headline grabbing stories that could have happened or could being happening to almost anyone, including me:
  1.  Meredith Baxter's revelation today that her ex-husband was abusive to her. Also, she came out as being a lesbian in 2009.
  2.  Mickey Rooney appearance before a Senate Committee on Aging where he asked that the Senate help stop Elder Abuse. He testified that her was abused by his step-son.
  3.  Charlie Sheen's public meltdown due to his addictions to drug, sex and whatever.
My next blog entries after some considerable thought will be about Meredith Baxter, then Mickey Rooney, then Charlie Sheen, and then other headline grabbing news stories whether they be celebrities or everyday people.

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