Sunday, January 29, 2012

Narcissistic psychopaths and sociopaths

I could not have said it better!!! Females can be narcissists, too. If you meet a woman or a man like this ... Run as fast as you can!!! Also see:
Now, imagine these narcissistic psychopaths/sociopaths running our country and our World. They have been destroying the "American Dream" because they feel entitled to have all the money and all the power.
If you have not seen this short movie, it is a must see! Watch just the clips if you time is limited but otherwise the movie ties it all together. Watch "Fishead, the Movie" at Click on "where to see" and enter password: fhmovie
The movie is about the 1% of the U.S. population that are psychopaths who are high functioning and rise to the top of their professions and are consumed with seeking money and power. They are "without conscious, have stunning lack of empathy, lack of concern for other people, and look at people as mere objects." They are superficial charming and easy to like but that is their mask that is a fabrication to manipulate people. They mimic "normal." They are often very well educated having multiple degrees. I feel it is one of the most important movie because for me, it is a "wake up call" that our country's financial stability and our "American Dream" is in danger from these psychopaths. It presents these concepts very simply. They could be your congressman wanting to reduce our "safety net" programs while giving more tax breaks and power to the Wall Street types: "bankster" and their our government regulators. They may be real estate agent and their underwriters who do not provide you with "full disclosure" before buying your house; organizational/industrial; your religious leaders; or could even be someone that you are dating or married to.

The other concept of the movie is that through "happy pills" or prescription drug use (Valium, Prozac...), people take the pills to deal with "psychopathic conditions." "So what is the connection between psychopaths and happy pills? Empathy. Simple human empathy or the lack of it. Psychopaths don't have it and happy pills kill it. Also discussed: Václav Havel, former Czechoslovak President, playwright, essayist, poet, dissident, politician, and his country's hero; Herd mentality; Morality; Altruism; "Most people are basically good, good and passive." Peter Coyote narrates.

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